3 Man competition

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Hi this is a copy of the preliminary draw for clarity.

Format is as follows

1 v 1

2 v 2

3 v 3

1 v 2

2 v 3

3 v 1

1 v 3

2 v 1

3 v 2

3 Man 19th Feb 8.30 start. Round robin

D Binder, D Newman, A Hewitt, A Wallace (st Jude’s) v T Davenport, R Kuzio, F Davenport, M Kneafcy ( st Jude’s) @ st Jude’s
J Dawber, L Sullivan, T Higham, P Leonard (Hawk) v H Harrison, I Belshaw, J Greenhalgh, A Rutter (Brick A) @ Hawk
C Goodwin, M Goodwin, A Johnson, R Walsh (Dougy A) v J Davis, A Smitham, L Ashurst, C Roman (Q8D) @ Douglas Bank 
C Charnley, M Bullock, K Snape, D Melling (Black Bull) v C Hatton, C Bromley, S Wilkinson, R Canning (Q8B) @ Black Bull
C Coleman, A McCreary, M Causey, D Phillips (Railway) v I Davenport, L Briscoe, G Royds, W Dutton (Q8 A) @ Railway
R Greenhalgh, N Greenhalgh, K Ward, M Brockley (Q8D) v Burrows, P Smith, D Slater (Bucks Head) @ Q8D
J Dainty, N Cahir, D Glynn, M Brown (St Thomas’s) v S Leyland, J Atherton, T Wood, B Toothill (Bryn Hall) @ St Thomas’s
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