Covid 19 Restrictions

As you all know, for us to be able to start & run our pool league to completion we need to follow the Government guidelines.

At The venues.

1, Every person entering any club or pub must comply with the 'Track & Trace' used by the establishment.

2, The 'Rule of Six' starting Monday 14th September 2020 must be adhered to. No groups of more than 6, so if it means 2 or 3 tables per team then that is what it is.

3, The Landlord/bar-staff have the final say in any discussions with regards the interpretation of social distancing rules, it is their livelihood after all.

4, As an organised Pool League, and team sport, events can take place in designated premises. All venues are eligible to hold pool matches at their discretion.

The matches,

1, All balls to be sanitised prior to the match by the home referee.

2, Home team to provide sanitiser but personal sanitiser can also be used.

3, Home team to elect 1 person to ref frames 1 to 4, so consider team selection before start.

4, Away teams to elect 1 person to ref frames 5 to 8, so consider team selection before start.

5, Both players to sanitise before frame start.

6, No hand shaking, no lagging, toss of a coin to determine start.

7, White ball and cushions to be sanitised between frames & rest if used.

8, Only ref & players around the table. Teams to keep as socially distant (2 meters) as possible from each other.

9, During doubles use common sense for social distancing.

10, No food to be provided for the matches.

11, If a team cannot field the minimum 6 players required, 1 player and 1 player only, may play 'singles' twice, selected by a random draw by the opposition. Second 'singles' frame does not count towards merit.

Regards John


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