Individuals Draw Updated

Updated: Feb 5

Here is the full individuals draw to be played on Wednesday 26th February 2020.

Please note that some venues have more than 1 match, so note your start time,

7.30pm or 9.00pm where there are 2 matches, 8.30pm if only 1 match.

All matches best of 7.

J Davis (Q8D) v J Harrison (Douglas Bank B) @ Q8D 7:30pm

P Marsh (Jawbone) v J Atherton (Bryn Hall) @ Jawbone 7:30pm

M Bullock (Black Bull) v L Bridge (Black Bull) @ Black Bull 7:30pm

R Harwood (Bucks Head) v C Taylor (Brickmakers B) @ Bucks Head 7:30pm

S Duxbury (Jawbone) v G Royds (Q8A) @ Jawbone @ 9:00pm

L Briscoe (Q8A) v D Stock (Q8A) @ Q8A 7:30pm

P Ashton (Jawbone) v A Wallace (St Jude’s) @ Railway 9:00pm

B Quinton (Q8B) v D Kenyon (Black Bull) @ Q8B 7:30pm

Liam Hunter (Q8D) v C Mooney (Q8 D) @ Q8D any table any time

M Goodwin (Douglas Bank A) v R Kuzio (St Jude’s) @ Douglas Bank 7:30pm

R Greenhalgh (Q8D) v D Slater (Bucks Head) @ Q8D 9:00pm

C Roughley (Bucks Head) v M Levorato (Jawbone) @ Bucks Head 9.00pm

L Ashurst (Q8D) v T Davenport (St Jude’s) @ Poacher 8:30pm

G Cahir (Q8A) v C Bromley (Q8B) @ Q8A 9:00pm

D Newman (St Jude’s) v S Leyland (Bryn Hall) @ St Jude’s 7:30pm

A Johnson (Douglas Bank A) v D Melling (Black Bull) @ Douglas Bank A 9:00pm

R Wells (Brickmakers B) v C Perry (Bryn Hall) @ Brickmakers B 7:30pm

R Walsh (Douglas Bank A) v D Winnard (Q8B) TBA

M Lawrenson (Q8B) v F Leigh (Jawbone) @ Q8B 9:00pm

C Coleman (Railway) v I Davenport (Q8A) @ Railway 7:30pm

T Murt (Jawbone) v C Maloney (Douglas Bank A) @ Springfield 8.30pm

P Jennion (Black Bull) v C Hatton (Q8B) @ Black Bull 9:00pm

C Goodwin (Douglas Bank A) v S Williams (Q8B) @ Balcarres 7:30pm

J Roper (Douglas Bank A) v A Smitham (Q8D) @ Queens 7:30pm

J Potts (Jawbone) v F Davenport (St Jude’s) @ Tippings 7:30pm

M Binder (St Jude’s) v A Simm (Jawbone) @ St Jude’s 9:00pm

R Canning (Q8B) v S Witkiewicz (Q8A) @ Q8 (any table) 8:30pm

W Dutton (Q8A) v T Higham (Tippings) @ Tippings 9:00pm

C Charnley (Black Bull) v M Hodgkinson (Q8D) @ Balcarres 9:00pm

H Harrison (Brickmakers A) v J Dawber (Tippings) @ Brickmakers 9:00pm

P Hunt (Bucks Head) v T Wood (Bryn Hall) @ Bryn Hall 7:30pm

D Binder (St Jude’s) v G Harrison (Q8A) @ Queens 9:00pm

Upload results via the website, if using a mobile, scroll to the bottom half of the page. Only use W/O if your opponent does not show, regards.

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