Pool Season AGM & Reformation Meeting

Hello all

Following our committee meeting this week, we’ve set a date of 9th August 2021 for the AGM and reformation meetings.

If there is anyone interested in taking on any of the roles on the committee, nominations need to be forwarded to the current committee by the end of July 2021. Proposals for nominees should be seconded by another member of the league.

Proposals for any rule or formation changes should also be put in writing to the committee by the end of July so that we can publish them to the rest of the league for consideration before they are voted on at the AGM (one vote per team).

If anyone is interested in being a sponsor of the league, either in a small or larger way, please let us know.

We have pencilled in the 9th September 2021 for the start of the new, hopefully a problem free, season. We know that the past 15 months have affected people and businesses in different ways so bearing that in mind could you all please let us know, either way, if you are planning to have a team next season or not.

Finally the pay-outs will be issued at the AGM, so someone need to be present to collect any monies owed. If you are not continuing in the league and are in credit, due to cancellation of comps etc, please let us know so I can sort that out. We have messaged a small group of you regarding annual trophy collection.

Hope to see you all soon, regards

The Committee

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